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How I choose the perfect colour for you

Cosmetic tattoo colour selection is very different from traditional tattoo methods!

Firstly, I use pigments designed specifically for cosmetic tattoo procedures, not traditional tattoo inks. The pigments used in studio are Li Pigments, and Permablend pigments. All colours in these ranges are vegan and cruelty-free.

Appointments always start with a consultation. I take the time to discuss your goals, and what you’re hoping to achieve. Some clients are looking for a dramatic change, while some are looking for a gentle enhancement to their natural look.

I then analyse your skin type, skin tone and undertones utilising the Fitzpatrick scale methodology.

Pigments in the skin do not look exactly the same as in the bottle. This is because a new layer of skin grows over the pigment, and any tones in the skin can affect the appearance of the pigment. At times I may need to blend colours, or use a modifying pigment, keeping the colour wheel in mind, to ensure that the final result is tailored to you perfectly.

I have a range of go-to’s I know work well for each skin type. Luscious colours like hazelnut and dark toffee for brows, or bubblegum and watermelon candy for lips!

Lastly, before starting work, I test a range of selected colours directly against your skin. My goal with every appointment is to ensure clients are happy, so I always check that they’re happy with my recommendation before beginning work.

Every tattoo is made by hand, just for you.

xx Melissa

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