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After your procedure, caring for your tattoo correctly has a big impact on the overall results.

For brows, freckles and eyelash enhancements:

Keep skin dry for 48 hours after the treatment. No water directly on them, use a clean tissue to blot away any dampness.

No makeup, cleansers, moisturisers, serums or other products on the brow area for 7 days. Foundation may be applied around the area, but not directly on.

Apply an aftercare product such as Bepanthen, or a vegan alternative for 5-7 days, before bed with a clean cotton tip. Only a fine layer is to be applied. It is normal for colour to appear on the cotton tip as excess pigment may wipe away.

Do not pick any flakey areas, let them fall away naturally, onto the cotton tip as you apply the cream.

For lips:

Use a natural aftercare balm hourly or as required to avoid drying for around 10 days.

Avoid spicy food such as chilli and curry the day of and the day following treatment. The skin is open and hot spices will hurt!

It is safe to eat and drink immediately after, as long as the you have enough sensation in your lips if numbing gel has been used.

Cold sore sufferers should take an over the counter, once off tablet, Famciclovir, the SAME DAY as the tattoo to prevent a outbreak.

For all:

No makeup directly on the area for 10 days.

No saunas, swimming, spas for 10 days.

No picking any flaky areas.

At your appointment, you’ll be given an aftercare card to remind you how to take care of your new tattoo, and when to return for your follow up appointment.

xx Melissa

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